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Volume 42, Number 3 / 1988, Pages 281 – 432

Electrode process of deposition and dissolution of the Al-Pb binary-system in an organic electrolyte .1. Lead(II) bromide and aluminum(III) bromide reduction in ethylbenzene electrolyte 281 290
M. Gálová, L. Lux, and K. Župčanová
Electrode process of deposition and dissolution of the Al-Pb binary-system in an organic electrolyte. 2. Stability of the aluminum and aluminium-lead metallic coating in ethylbenzene electrolyte 291 298
L. Lux and M. Gálová
Comparison of the methods used for studying the equilibrium of the lyate ions in water-methanol mixture 299 304
Z. Pavelek
Vibrational-spectra of vanadium(V) compounds. 6. Raman-spectra of vanadium(V) oxodiperoxo complexes 305 310
P. Schwendt and M. Pisárčik
Protonation constants of methyliminobis(methylenephosphonic) acid and the stability-constants of its complexes 311 317
I. Lukeš and I. Dominák
Glass-transition temperatures and glass-forming region in the calcium nitrate dimethyl-sulfoxide dimethylformamide system 319 327
J. Malá and I. Sláma
Glass-transition temperatures and glass-forming region in the calcium nitrate water dimethylformamide system 329 338
J. Malá and I. Sláma
Optimal conditions for hydrothermal synthesis of saponite 339 345
Ľ. Kuchta and V. Š. Fajnor
Conductivity of the mixtures of emulsifier with acrylate or methacrylate as a measure of emulsion stability 347 354
I. Capek
Structural peculiarities of salts of 2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-4-piperidinol with aliphatic monocarboxylic acids 355 363
M. Karvaš, M. Göghová, J. Durmis, and V. Vrábel
Influence of liquid solvents on the properties of immobilized film of poly(ethylene glycol) type stationary phase on the basis of polyurethane 365 373
M. Horká
Retention indexes of some  ß-adrenolytics and their perfluoroacyl derivatives 375 380
V. Marko
Electroreduction of oxime of glycolaldehyde and of its O-methyl derivative 381 388
M. Fedoroňko, M. Petrušová, and J. Alföldi
Partial methanolysis and hydrazinolysis of some derivatives of 1,6-anhydro- ß-D-glucopyranose 389 399
Š. Kučár, I. Tvaroška, J. Zemek, D. Anderle, and M. Matulová
Reactions of saccharides catalyzed by molybdate ions .37. Preparation of d-allose and d-altrose from d-glucose 401 405
V. Bílik, I. Knězek, and K. Bíliková
Sulfoethylation of D-Xylans in heterogeneous phase 407 414
A. Ebringerová and J. Pastýr
Synthesis and pesticidal activity of 2,4-disubstituted o-(haloalkyl)-o-(alkyl, aryl)-(n-alkylamido, n,n-dialkylamido)-o-(3-oxo-2h-pyridazine-5-yl) esters of thiophosphoric acid 415 427
J. Žúžiová, V. Konečný, Š. Kováč, Š. Varkonda, and B. Žúži
Ing. Rudolf Rado, DrSc. - Sixty Years Old 431 432
D. Šimunková, M. Lazár, and E. Borsig

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