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Volume 20, Number 2 / 1966, Pages 97 – 160

Kinetics of peroxydisulfate oxidation of ethanol and methanol catalyzed by silver ions 97 104
B. Stehlík and F. Fiala
Potentiometric and conductometric studies of cupric chloride and cupric bromide in acetone 105 114
Z. Kompišová and J. Gažo
Polarographic study of the complex formation between mercury ions and the meso and racemic forms of 2,3-diaminobutane 115 123
J. Königstein, S. Stankoviansky, and M. Herkeľová
Kinetics of adsorption on porous adsorbents. II 124 131
Š. Kachaňák and A. Moncmanová
Distillable phenolic substances from wood methanolysis. II 132 140
M. Černý
Academician Jaroslav Heyrovský 75 years old 155 157
L. Molnár

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