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Volume 12, Number 5 / 1958, Pages 261 – 324

Graphical method for the determination of the inflection point of symmetric potentiometric titration curve 261 274
R. Kohn and V. Zitko
Study of CaCO3 ↹ CaO + CO2 reaction by differential thermal analysis 275 283
I. Proks and V. Šiške
Some derivatives of β-phenylisopropylcarbamide 284 286
J. Tamchyna and A. Rothová
Oscillopolarographic characterization of veratrum alkaloids 287 303
L. Molnár and K. Molnárová
The effect of activators on the vulcanization process. I. The effect of zinc oxide on the rate of sulfur reaction in rubber 304 311
J. Beniska and B. Dogadkin
The reaction of tungstates with some organic hydroxy compounds (sugars) 312 315
E. Plško

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