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Volume 59, Number 6b / 2005, Pages 449 – 503

Determination of Methyl Esters in Diesel Oils by Gas Chromatography - Validation of the Method 449 452
R. Wawrzyniak, W. Wasiak, and M. Frackowiak
Leaching of Organic and Inorganic Micropollutants from Chemically Stabilized Sewage Sludge-OFMSW Mixtures 453 457
M. Janosz-Rajczyk and E. Wiśniowska
Gaseous Emissions from the Fluidized-Bed Incineration of Sewage Sludge 458 463
M. Pohořelý, K. Svoboda, O. Trnka, D. Baxter, and M. Hartman
HAZOP Analysis of CSTR with the Use of Mathematical Modelling 464 468
Z. Švandová, J. Markoš, and Ľ. Jelemenský
A New Insight into the Risk of Gaseous Release Assessment Based on a Minimax Approach 469 475
C. I. Anghel and A. Ozunu
Single-State Process for Manufacturing of Potassium Sulphate from Sodium Sulphate 476 480
B. U. Grzmil and B. Kic
Surface Chemistry of Tribochemical Reactions: Molecular Beam Experiments 481 486
J. Lara-Romero, R. Maya-Yescas, J. L. Rico-Cerda, J. L. Rivera-Rojas, F. Chinas Castillo, M. Kaltchev, and W. T. Tysoe
Controllability of Lumped Parameter Chemical Reactors 487 490
R. Maya-Yescas, J. Lara-Romero, and R. Aguilar-López
Rheological and AFM Characteristic of Hydrolyzates Produced by Limited Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Soy Flour Extrudates 491 495
M. Witczak, A. Ptaszek, D. Žmudziński, K. Surówka, and M. Grzesik
Kinetic Studies of the Recrystallization Process of Iron Catalyst for Ammonia Synthesis 496 499
I. Jasińska and W. Arabczyk
Dimensionless Characteristics of Centrifugal Pump 500 503
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