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Volume 46, Number 2 / 1992, Pages 73 – 141

Magnetic Field Effects on Isomerization Reaction 73 78
L. Valko
Solvolysis of Thioamides in Alkaline Region in the System of Water-Ethanol 78 81
J. Mollin and E. Karásková
Synergetic Effects in the Extraction of Rare-Earth Ions by Mixed Organic Solvents. 1. The Systems of Benzyldibutylamine with Bis(2-ethyl-hexyl) Hydrogen Phosphate or Tributyl Phosphate 81 84
Ľ. Komorová and N.H. Tran
The Stability  Constants of Complexes of L-Proline with Nickel(II), Cobalt(II), and Copper(II) Determined by the Potentiometric Method 84 87
B. Morzyk and N. Zelichowicz
Preparation and Properties of Membrane Cesium Ion-Selective Electrode 88 90
A. Hudák, M. Mamczák, A. Hanudeľ, and P. Meľuch
Phase Diagram of the System KBF4-KF-KCl 91 94
O. Patarák and V. Daněk
Generalizing View on Reduction of Some Cu(II) Complexes 94 98
A. Kotočová and G. Ondrejovič
Determination of Trace Lead in Human Urine Using Hanging Mercury Drop Semimicroelectrode Influence of Matrix Effect and its Elimination 98 101
Š. Mesároš, H. Hofbauerová, and D. Bustin
Oxidation and the Hugershoff Reaction of O-Alkyl N-(3-Phenylpropenoyl)monothiocarbamates 102 103
M. Dzurilla, J. Imrich, P. Kutschy, and D. Koščik
1,3-Dipolar Cycloadditions of Heterocycles. 27. Stereoselective Preparation of 3-Aryl-4-oxo-6-alkoxy-3a,4,6,6a-tetrahydrofuro[3,4-d]isoxazoles and 2-Phenyl-6-aryl-3-hydroxy-1,2,3,3a,6a,7-hexahydroisoxazolo[4,5-d]pyridazin-7-ones 104 108
P. Oravec, Ľ. Fišera, N. Prónayová, and R. Gažo
Benzothiazole Compounds. 43. Synthesis of Benzazoles with Heterocyclic Substituents and Their Condensation Reactions with Aldehydes 109 112
G.S. Melikyan, A.A. Avetisyan, and J. Halgaš
3-Substituted 6-Bromo-2-benzothiazolinones and Their Antialgal and Plant Growth Regulating Activity 112 115
E. Sidóová, A. Gvozdjaková, K. Kráľová, and Ľ. Mitterhauszerová
Transformations Starting from Biotechnologically Available Materials. 3. N-Arylcitraconimides Resulting from Addition of Amines to N-Arylitaconimides 116 119
M. Veverka
Addition of 2,6-Anhydro-7-deoxy-7-nitro-L-glycero-L-galacto-heptitol to Formaldehyde and the Conversion of the Adduct to 3,7-Anhydro-D-glycero-L-manno-octulose 120 123
M. Petrušová, E. Lattová, M. Matulová, and L. Petruš
Production of Extracellula Polysaccharides by Candida mucifera 123 126
J. Daniš, A. Kardošová, and E. Sláviková
Polysaccharides from the Leaves of Plantago lanceolata L., var. LIBOR: an α-D-glucan 127 130
A. Kardošová
Interactions of Pectin with Cationic Polypeptides 131 140
S. Bystrický and A. Malovíková
100th Anniversary of the Birth of Professor Ing. Dr. František Valentin 141 141
M. Uher

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