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Volume 58, Number 1 / 2004, Pages 1 – 70

Membrane-Based Extraction Joined with Membrane-Based Stripping in a Circulating Arrangement. III. Extraction of Zinc 1 8
M. Vajda, A. Košúthová, and Š. Schlosser
An Effect of the Eccentric Position of the Propeller Agitator on the Mixing Time 9 14
J. Karcz and J. Szoplik
Optimization of Cultivation Conditions for Production of Fructosyltransferase by Aureobasidium pullulans 15 22
M. Vandáková, Z. Platková, M. Antošová, V. Báleš, and M. Polakovič
A Kinetic Model for Gluconic Acid Production by Aspergillus niger 23 28
H. Znad, M. Blažej, V. Báleš, and J. Markoš
Experimental Determination of Rubber Curing Reaction Heat Using the Transient Heat Conduction Equation 29 32
M. Juma and M. Bafrnec
Study of the Catalytic Activity of Calcined Ni/Mg/Al (Mn) Hydrotalcites for N2O Decomposition 33 40
L. Obalová, M. Valášková, F. Kovanda, Z. Lacný, and K. Kolinová
Evaluation of the Oxidizing Potential of Ru and Ru-Pt/ZrO2 Catalysts for NO Oxidation in the Presence of C3H6 and O2 41 47
A. M. Serrano-Sánchez, P. Steltenpohl, M. P. Gonzáles-Marcos, J.A.Gonzáles-Marcos, and J. R. Gonzáles-Velasco
Reliable Risk Estimation in the Risk Analysis of Chemical Industry. Case Study: Ammonia Storage Pressurized Spherical Tank 48 54
Š. Jelemenský, J. Harišová, A. Molnár, and J. Markoš
Mechanism of Ethanol Vapours Diffusion in Particles of Activated Carbons 55 63
D. Bobok and E. Besedová
Theoretical Study of Discrimination of Mechanisms of Thermal Inactivation of Urease by Monitoring its Oligomeric Composition 64 70
V. Illeová and M. Polakovič

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