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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Volume 42, Number 2 / 1988, Pages 121 – 278

RIFRAN-85 - A set of programmable calculator programs for powder diffraction phase identification 121 132
T. Havík, M. Škrobian, and M. Havlík
Cobaltocene intercalate of the layered compounds SnSxSe2-x 133 137
J. Votinský, L. Beneš, J. Kalousová, P. Lošťák, and J. Klikorka
Glass-forming ability of molten solvated salts. Glass transition temperatures of some systems salt-dimethylformamide 139 146
J. Malá and I. Sláma
Determination of vinyl-chloride and vinyl-acetate in working atmosphere 147 160
V. Kollár, R. Kemka, J. Mišianik, and J. Tölgyessy
Determination of methyl-methacrylate, butyl acrylate, and n-butyl alcohol in working atmosphere 161 173
V. Kollár, R. Kemka, and J. Tölgyessy
Abtrennung und Bestimmung der Ionen Cu(II), Zn(II) und Mg(II) aus Lösungen von Aminosäuren am chelatbildenden Ionenaustauscher OSTSORB DTTA 175 182
A. Muchová and Z. Pikulíková
Spectrophotometric determination of trace concentrations of lead using 2-(5-bromo-2-pyridylazo)-5-diethylaminophenol in the presence of nonionic surfactants 183 195
M. Nováková and V. Kubáň
Evaluation of medium effect on the absorption maxima of electronic spectra by Born functions of relative permittivity and refractive-index 197 203
V. Bekárek, Š. Bekárek, and F. Pavlát
A PCILO study of the hydrogen-bond of linear ethers and crown ethers with phenol 205 212
M. Omastová, J. Mlýnek, and A. Romanov
The dipole-moments of carbazole derivatives 213 221
H. Frej, W. Waclawek, and J.B. Kyziol
Determination of the values of solubility product of some ethylenebisdithiocarbamates 223 227
Š. Gergely and J. Garaj
Diffraction patterns of ethylenebisdithiocarbamic acid and some its salts 229 234
Š. Gergely and J. Garaj
Synthesis and some solution properties of block copolymer styrene acrylonitrile 235 242
V. Chrástová, D. Mikulášová, P. Citovický, and J. Schenkmayer
Utilization of ultrasound for the synthesis of 4-substituted 2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidinyloxyls 243 248
V. Kaliská, Š. Toma, and A. Tkáč
Benzothiazole compounds. 33. Benzothiazolium salts which increase sugar and chlorophyll contents in plants 249 261
V. Sutoris, P. Bajči, V. Sekerka, and J. Halgaš
Kinetics of nucleophilic vinyl substitution of geminal dihalo derivatives of furan and thiophene 263 270
V. Knoppová, P. Vetešník, D. Végh, and E. Gažurová
Enzymatic-hydrolysis of  α,α-trehalose and its deoxy derivatives 271 278
I. Ježo and J. Zemek

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