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Volume 42, Number 4 / 1988, Pages 433 – 573

Kinetic study of oxidation of glyceraldehyde by the cerium(IV) ions 433 438
M. Melicherčík and Ľ. Treindl
Vibronic constants for octahedral complexes with triple degenerate electron terms 439 447
M. Breza and P. Pelikán
Alkaline-hydrolysis of methyl hydrogen fumarate in water alcohol mixed-solvents 449 456
V. Holba and O. Grančičová
Electrode process of deposition and dissolution of the Al-Pb binary-system in an organic electrolyte. 3. Anodic effects in Al-Pb binary-system dissolution in ethylbenzene electrolyte 457 465
M. Galová and L. Lux
Glass-forming ability and glass-transition temperatures of some salt - dimethylacetamide systems 467 473
I. Sláma and J. Malá
Protonation constants and overall constants of complex-formation of copper(II) ions with surface-active ligands derived from ethylenediamine 475 482
P. Butvin, M. Skoumal, Z. Rádl, V. Peterka, and J. Majer
Spectrophotometric determination of the platinum metals .9. Highly sensitive extraction determination of rhodium with 4-(2-pyridylazo)resorcinol in the presence of micellar hexadecylpyridinium bromide 483 487
A. Alte and L. Čermáková
Voltammetric and chemical behavior of tetraazamacrocyclic complex Cu(TAAB)2+ adsorbed on the surface of the graphite electrode 489 497
J. Labuda and V. Plaskoň
Relationship between the degree of thermal-dissociation of a chemical-compound and the radius of curvature of the liquidus curve at the melting-point 499 505
M. Galová, M. Malinovský, and J. Vrbenská
Complexes of 1,6-benzo[h]naphthyridine with copper(II) and cadmium(II) and their stability-constants 507 511
N. Zelichowicz, W. Śliwa, and A. Gaudyn
Complexation equilibria in the systems bi(iii)-2-(2'-thiazolylazo)-4,6-dimethylphenol and hg(ii)-2-(4',5'-dimethyl-2'-thiazolylazo)-4,6-dimethylphenol 513 518
B. Santana, M.J. Sánchez, J.J. Arias, and F. Garciá-Montelongo
Preparation of methyl 6-o-beta-d-galactopyranosyl-alpha-galactopyranosides and 6-o-beta-d-galactopyranosides 519 525
J. Hlavatý, Š. Karácsonyi, and J. Alfőldi
4-substituted 2-nitrophenylguanidines. 1. Synthesis and cyclization of 4-substituted 2-nitrophenylguanidines 527 537
P. Pazdera and M. Potáček
4-substituted 2-nitrophenylguanidines .2. Acid-base properties and structure 539 546
P. Pazdera, M. Potáček, and J. Šimeček
4-substituted 2-nitrophenylguanidines .3. Kinetic-study of the cyclization 547 558
P. Pazdera, J. Pichler, and M. Potáček
Influence of external electric-field on the cation transport through the porous membrane 559 564
J. Michalov
Electric character of driving forces of ionic transport 565 573
J. Michalov

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