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Volume 41, Number 2 / 1987, Pages 145 – 287

Formal 1st-order chemical-kinetics 145 169
V. Kvasnička
Determination of the heat of fusion of 2CaO.Al2O3.SIO2 (gehlenite) 171 181
O. Žigo, K. Adamkovičová, L. Kosa, I. Nerád, and I. Proks
Space orientation and bonding properties of thiourea in N-salicylideneglycinatocopper(II) complex 183 193
D. Valigura, G. Ondrejovič, and J. Krätsmar-Šmogrovič
Influence of temperature, vanadium concentration, and degree of solution acidification on composition of the solid products. 11. Products of the reactions taking place in acidified solutions of potassium meta-vanadate 195 202
Ľ. Ulická
Possibilities of absolute chronoamperometric determination .I. 203 214
D. Bustin
Possibilities of absolute chronoamperometric determination. 2. Influence of parallel chemical-reaction and shielding of the hanging mercury drop electrode 215 225
D. Bustin
Amperometrically indicated "pseudotitrations". 4. Complexometric determination of Cr(III) compounds in low concentrations using deconvolution voltammetry and differential pulse polarography 227 233
D. Bustin and M. Rievaj
Passive dosimeters and their comparison with the standard method of determination of contaminants in working atmosphere 235 246
V. Kollár, R. Kemka, and J. Tőlgyessy
Stereochemical evidence for the mechanism of alkaline solvolysis of the diesters of amidophosphoric acids 247 251
F. Kašpárek, L. Číž, and J. Mollin
Efficiency of polyfunctional monomers in polypropylene cross-linking by various peroxides 253 258
M. Čapla, E. Borsig, and M. Lazár
Preparation and ring transformation reactions of 1,2,4-Triazolium-4N-aroylarylazomethylides 259 270
H.J. Timpe, V. Schikowski, and K.D. Remmler
New compounds with cytotoxic and antitumor effects .8. Preparation and invitro activity of some pregnane derivatives on leukemia P-388 cells 271 277
A. Vassová Z. Votický, J. Fuska, and A. Fusková
In recognition of Professor Dr. Ing. Jaromír Horák, DrSc. on his 60th birthday 287 287
M. Zikmund

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