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Volume 41, Number 4 / 1987, Pages 433 – 565

Crystal and molecular-structure and properties of tetrakis-(dichloroacetato)bis (μ-pyridine-N-oxide)bis(pyridine-N-oxide)-dicopper(II) 433 440
F. Pavelčík, M. Žemlička, V. Kettmann, and J. Kratsmár-Šmogrovič
Redox properties of the bis(2-hydroxyethyl)dithiocarbamate anion and its nickel(II) complex in aqueous-solutions 441 452
H. Hofbauerová, E. Beinrohr, and J. Mocák
High-sensitive electrochemical indication of the end-point of titration 453 464
J. Berčík, J. Dzurov, and Z. Krajcerová
Application of the theory of regular ionic solution to calculation of the liquidus course in the system Lif-Na3AlF6 in the region of high-concentration of LiF 465 470
J. Kalousek and G. Kalousková
Ionization and isomerization of acetylacetone in mixed solvents 471 478
J. Mollin, J. Navrátilová, and J. Vičar
MP2 calculations on EC-1040 and EC-1045 computers 479 483
P. Čársky
Standard geometrical models for hexopyranoses 485 500
I. Tvaroška and J. Gajdoš
Theoretical-studies on the conformation of saccharides .11. Stereochemistry of methyl α-D-glucopyranosides and methyl β-D-glucopyranosides in solution 501 510
I. Tvaroška and T. Kožár
Nitrofuran derivatives of cellulose. 10. 5-nitrofurfurylidene derivatives of 2,4-dihydrazino-6-oxy-celluloso-s-triazine and of 2,3-dihydrazinocellulose 511 518
P. Krkoška, L. Potančok, L. Dubecký, and A. Blažej
Reactivity of N'-substituted N-(4-pentynoyl)thioureas and N-[2-(2-propynyl)-4-pentynoyl]thioureas 519 526
P. Kutschy, P. Kristian, M. Dzurilla, D. Koščík, and R. Nádaskay
Electrolytic metal-coating in molten-salts 527 565
K. Matiašovský, P. Fellner, M. Chrenková-Paučírová, Ž. Lubyová, and A. Silný

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