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Volume 39, Number 4 / 1985, Pages 433 – 576

Analysis of a one-component sorption in a single adsorbent particle by the orthogonal collocation method .3. Kinetics of n-heptane adsorption on molecular sieve Calsit-5 433 445
P. Rajniak and A. Žemlička
Analysis of a one-component sorption in a single adsorbent particle by the orthogonal collocation method. 4. One-point collocation method and linear-driving-force approximation 447 457
P. Rajniak
Surface-adsorption of SiO2 in melts of the system CaO-FeO-Fe2O3-SiO2 459 465
V. Daněk, T. Ličko, and Z. Pánek
XRC83 program package for structure determination of organic-molecules and drugs by single crystal X-ray diffraction 467 472
F. Pavelčík, V. Kettmann, and J. Majer
Structure of 4-bromophenyl isothiocyanate 473 480
L. Ulický and J. Soldánová
Study of the complex-forming equilibria of Zn(II), Mg(II), and Ca(II) cations with N-(Methylphosphonic)iminodiacetic and Glycine-N,N-bis(methylphosphonic) acids by the cation-exchange method 481 489
Z. Pikulíková and A. Muchová
Benzothiazole compounds 23. Synthesis, structure, and growth-regulating activity of 2-alkoxycarbonylmethylthio-3-alkylbenzothiazolium salts 491 501
V. Sutoris, A. Gáplovský, R. Sohlerová, and V. Sekerka
Furan-derivatives .204. Synthesis and reactions of 5-(2-nitrophenoxy)-2-furaldehyde 503 511
A. Koreňová, A. Krutošíková, and J. Kováč
Synthesis, spectral properties, and IRH of 2,4,5-trisubstituted 3-oxo-2H-pyridazines 513 526
V. Konečný, Š. Kováč, and Š. Varkonda
Preparation and spectral properties of the derivatives of 3-N-arylamino-2-cyanopropenoic acid 527 536
D. Ilavský, V. Bobošík, and A. Martvoň
Alkaloids of Mahonia aquifolium (PURSH) NUTT.2. 537 542
J. Slavík, J. Bochořáková, D. Košťalová, and V. Hrochová
2-Alkylthio-6-benzoylaminobenzothiazoles 543 551
E. Sidóová, Ž. Odlerová, and R. Špaldonová
Synthesis and the biological-activity of 6-acetamido-2-alkylthiobenzothiazoles 553 557
E. Sidóová and Ž. Odlerová
Monitoring of the carbon-monoxide formation in treatment of 2-hydroxy-2-methylpropionitrile with sulfuric-acid 559 563
M. Polievka and A. Halmová
The 60th birthday of  Dr. Ing.  Zdeno Votický, DrSc, 573 574
J. Tomko
 Ing. Andrej Romanov, DrSc. - Sixty Years Old 575 576
O. Kysel

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