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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Volume 60, Number 6 / 2006, Pages 399 – 472

Coupled membrane process applied to fruit juice concentration 399 403
B. Koroknai, L. Gubicza, and K. Bélafi-Bakó
Residence time distribution study for the catalytic packing MULTIPAK® 404 409
A. Górak, M. Jaroszyński, and A. Kołodziej
Prediction of gaseous emissions from industrial stacks using an artificial intelligence method 410 415
C. I. Anghel and A. Ozunu
Production of process water using integrated membrane processes 416 421
K. Karakulski, M. Gryta, and M. Sasim
Kinetics of pyrolysis and properties of carbon black from a scrap tire 422 426
Z. Koreňová, M. Juma, J. Annus, J. Markoš, and Ľ. Jelemenský
Extraction of Re(VII) by neutral and basic extractants 427 431
D. Schrötterová and P. Nekovář
Multiple steady states in a CSTR with total condenser: Comparison of equilibrium and nonequilibrium models 432 440
Z. Švandová, J. Markoš, and Ľ. Jelemenský
Influence of biomass on hydrodynamics of an internal loop airlift reactor 441 445
M. Juraščík, M. Hucík, I. Sikula, J. Annus, and J. Markoš
Modelling of enzymatic reaction in an internal loop airlift reactor 446 453
I. Sikula, M. Juraščík, and J. Markoš
Safety analysis and risk identification for a tubular reactor using the HAZOP methodology 454 459
J. Labovský, Ľ. Jelemenský, and J. Markoš
Soil adsorption defluoridation of drinking water for an Ethiopian rural community 460 465
M. Errico, F. Desogus, M. Mascia, G. Tola, and L. Dendena
Isolation and identification of anthraquinones of Caloplaca cerina and Cassia tora 466 468
I. Manojlović, G. Bogdanović-Dusanović, W. Gritsanapan, and N. Manojlović
Selection of carrier for immobilization of fructosyltransferase from Aureobasidium pullulans 469 472
Z. Platková, M. Polakovič, V. Štefuca, M. Vandáková, and M. Antošová

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