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Volume 39, Number 1 / 1985, Pages 1 – 144

Enthalpy of incongruent decomposition of ЗСаО • Al203 3 13
K. Adamkovičová, L. Kosa, Š. Povraz, and I. Proks
Computer modeUing of the phase diagrams of nonideal systems with the formation of solid solutions 15 28
I. Horsak and I. Sláma
Distribution analysis of poly(vinyl chloride) latexes by transmission methods of light scattering 29 34
J. Vavra and J. Antalík
Decomposition of isopropyl alcohol on sulfidic catalysts I. Dehydrogenation and dehydration of isopropyl alcohol on natural chalcopyrite 35 40
P. Baláž and G. Pálková
Innersphere redox reactions of iron(II) halogeno complexes containing π-acceptor ligands 41 47
J. Šima, A. Šimová, and T. Hledíková
Preparation and properties of the tetra-μ-acetato-(O,O')- -bis(triphenyIphosphine)dicopper(II) complex 49 58
G. Ondrejovič, T. Valigura, M. Máriássy, and J. Mroziňski
Interaction between α-, β or γ-FeOOH and water at 60 °C, 80 °C, and 100 °C 59 68
J. Petrovič, L. Števula, and M. Pisárčik
Interaction of montmorillonite and benzothiazole derivatives 69 75
H. Slosiariková and V. Sutoris
Cadmium complexes of trans-crotonic acid in aqueous solutions 77 82
M. Mamczák and H. Hudáková
Spectrophotometry determination of the platinum metals VIII. Highly sensitive extraction determination of palladium with 4-(2-pyridylazo)resorcinoI in the presence of cetylpyridinium bromide 83 90
O. Coufalová and L. Čermáková
Spectrophotometry study of the reaction between dyes of the alizarin green series and vanadates in the presence of cetylpyridinium cation 91 101
J. Šimek, Nguyen Truong Son, and E. Ružička
Extractive-photometric determination of microquantities of cerium in some metallic materials 103 113
A. Košturiak
Synthesis and electronic spectra of l-aryI-2-řerrocenylethyIenes 115 124
Š. Тoma, A. Gálpovský, and T. Elečko
Amine oxides. XIV. Preparation, infrared spectra, and antimicrobial activity of tris(N-oxides) of bis(2-dimethyIaminoethyl)aIkyIamines 125 134
F. Devínsky, F. Bittererová, I. Lacko, and D. Mlynarčík
Reactions of 2-thienylacetic acid with anhydrides of dicarboxylic acids and aromatic aldehydes under the Perkin synthesis conditions 135 142
M. Lácová and P. Hrnčiar

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