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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Volume 61, Number 3 / 2007, Pages 151 – 236

A review of methods for synthesis of nanostructured metals with emphasis on iron compounds 151 170
A. Tavakoli, M. Sohrabi, and A. Kargari
Effect of selenium oxidation state on cadmium translocation in chamomile plants 171 175
K. Kráľová, E. Masarovičová, I. Ondrejkovičová, and M. Bujdoš
Optimization of ammonium nitrate concentration in single-stage continuous cultures of Aspergillus niger with biomass retention 176 180
M. Janczar and J. J. Pietkiewicz
Behaviour of inorganic constituents of municipal sewage sludge during fluidized-bed combustion 181 185
M. Hartman, M. Pohořelý, and O. Trnka
Profile distribution of As(III) and As(V) species in soil and groundwater in Bozanta area 186 193
T. Frentiu, S. -N. Vlad, M. Ponta, C. Baciu, I. Kasler, and E. Cordos
Structure of cyano-bridged Eu(III)—Co(III) bimetallic assembly and its application to photophysical verification of photomagnetic phenomenon 194 198
T. Akitsu and Y. Einaga
Synthesis and characterization of oligo-4-[(pyridin-3-ylimino)methyl]phenol 199 205
İ. Kaya, S. Çulhaoğlu, and D. Şenol
Relationship between physicochemical properties, lipophilicity parameters, and local anesthetic activity of dibasic esters of phenylcarbamic acid 206 213
I. Malík, E. Sedlárová, J. Csöllei, F. Andriamainty, and J. Čižmárik
Improved DPPH determination for antioxidant activity spectrophotometric assay 214 216
M. R. Szabo, C. Idiţoiu, D. Chambre, and A. X. Lupea
Notes on notation of sodium oxofluoroaluminate anions 217 220
M. Boča and M. Kucharík
Determination of the enthalpy of fusion of Na3FeF6 221 223
L. Kosa, I. Macková, and F. Šimko
Controlled solvothermal synthesis of PbS quasi-nanorods by calix[4]arene 224 227
R. H. Yin, Q. S. Wu, and Y. Chen
Palladium-catalyzed heck and suzuki coupling in glycerol 228 232
A. Wolfson and C. Dlugy
Synthesis of new condensed and cyclized coumarin derivatives 233 235
S. V. Dekić, V. S. Dekić, B. R. Dekić, and M. S. Dekić
M. Hartman, O. Trnka, and M. Pohořelý: Fluidization behavior of oil-contaminated sand 236 236
M. Hartman, O. Trnka, and M. Pohořelý

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