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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Volume 35, Number 4 / 1981, Pages 425 – 576

Structure of the acetal segment in O-glycosides 425 440
I. Tvaroška and T. Kožár
Light scattering in the mixtures tetrahydrofuran-dimethylformamide and tetrahydrofuran-dimethylformamide-poly(vinyl chloride) 441 445
J. Vavra and J. Danciger
Kinetics of anation of pentaammineaquachromium(III) and pentaammineaquacobalt(III) ions with thiocyanate in aqueous organic mixtures 447 458
V. Holba and M. Talapka
Hydrolytic reactions of Cr(CN)2(H2O)3NO and NO(H2O)4Cr-NC-Hg3+ catalyzed by acetate and its α-chloro derivatives 459 469
J. Labuda, D. I Bustin, and J. Mocák
Determination of kinetic data for the transformation of methylglyoxal 471 479
J. Königstein, D. Anderle, and M. Fedoroňko
New complexons. XLIII. Acid-base and chelate-forming properties of rac-2,4-diaminopentane-N,N,N',N'-tetraacetic acid 481 489
V. Novák, M. Svičeková, E. Dvořáková, I. Valášková, and J. Majer
Preparation and properties of azo compounds with carbohydroxamic functional groups 491 499
R. Karlíček and P. Bařina
Spectrophotometric determination of gold using Septonex 501 506
E. Matoušková, I. Němcová, and V. Suk
Viscosity of calcium nitrate-calcium iodide hydrous melts 507 513
Z. Kodejš and I. Sláma
Transport properties of the system calcium nitrate-dimethyl sulfoxide 515 523
Z. Kodejš, J. Novák, and I. Sláma
Interactions of purine derivatives with 1-naphthol and 1,5-naphthalenediol in aqueous solutions 525 531
Ľ. Mitterhauszerová, K. Kráľová, and Ľ. Krasnec
Polymolecularity of the extremely high molecular mass polymer prepared by emulsion polymerization with a macromolecular initiator forming a heterogeneous phase 533 541
L. Šoltés, D. Mikulášová, J. Susla, and I. Hudec
Measurements of molecular characteristics of the extremely high molecular mass polystyrene in solution 543 549
L. Šoltés, D. Mikulášová, and I. Hudec
13C NMR spectra of isomeric D-xylobioses 551 566
E. Petráková and P. Kováč
Immobilization of thiol peptides and proteins on poly(thioglycoloyloxyethyl methacrylate) gel 567 573
D. Podhradský and P. Kristian

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