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Volume 34, Number 6 / 1980, Pages 721 – 854

Contribution of interatomic repulsion forces to the broadening of vibration bands of planar XY3 molecules 721 725
K. Sarka
Electrochemical behavior of organotin compounds 726 739
K. Markušová, D. Kladeková, and I. Žežula
Synthesis and thermogravimetric investigation of mixed ligand chlorotitanium(III) complexes containing tetrahydrofuran and acetonitrile 740 748
M. Kohútová, J. Dobrovodský, and M. Zikmund
Study of spectrochemical excitation of powder materials using a time-resolving technique. II. Monitoring of intensity relations and evaporating processes 749 754
E. Krakovská and M. Matherny
Study of spectrochemical excitation of powder materials using a time-resolving technique. III. Estimation of the excitation using the scatter diagram technique 755 761
E. Krakovská and M. Matherny
Preparation and properties of reaction products of glutaric acid with hydroxylamine 762 772
R. Karlíček and V. Jokl
Study on nickel(II) and cadmium(II) chelates with salicylaldehydethiosemicarbazone by extraction 773 779
L. Smirnová and M. Španková
Crosslinking of polymers by the effect of ultraviolet radiation. Crosslinking of poly(vinyl alcohol) in the presence of terephthalic aldehyde 780 787
J. Polavka, M. Uher, L. Lapčík, M. Čeppan, J. Valášek, and B. Havlínová
Cathodic reduction of substituted 5-phenyl-2-furaldehydes in dimethylformamide 788 792
J. Černák, F. Tomanovič, A. Staško, A. Krutošíková, and J. Kováč
Studies on circular dichroism. XXI. Aldooligouronic acid derivatives 793 799
T. Sticzay, S. Bystrický, J. Hirsch, and P. Kováč
Structure and classification of thiocyanates and the mutual influence of their ligands 800 841
M. Kabešová and J. Gažo
Index 855 864

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