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Volume 34, Number 3 / 1980, Pages 289 – 432

Theoretical study of the structures of the 1,2-disubstituted derivatives of ethane. I. Conformations of 1,2-ethanediol, 2-aminoethanol, and 1,2-ethanediamine 291 301
P. Zahradník, J. Masler, and J. Leška
Molecular orbital study of M(sacacen) complexes 302 309
R. Boča, P. Pelikán, and J. Šima
Kinetics and mechanisms of the redox reactions of the thallium(III) ions with crotonaldehyde and methacrolein 310 319
M. Melicherčík and Ľ. Treindl
Cyanatocopper(II) complexes with organic ligands. XVII. Preparation and physical properties of cyanatocopper(II) complexes with aliphatic and related amines 320 329
J. Kohout, A. Mašlejová, and J. Gažo
Density of the molten system lithium  LiCI—NaCl—KCl 330 334
P. Fellner, I. Votava, and M. Chrenková-Paučírová
Temperature and concentration dependence of the viscosity of calcium nitrate-calcium bromide hydrous melts 335 340
Z. Kodejš and I. Sláma
Molar electrical conductivity of the system  Ca(NO3)2 + CaBr2 + H2O 341 347
J. Novák and I. Sláma
Changes in the surface and microstructure of montmorillonites after thermal treatment 348 356
I. Novák and Ľ. Nováková
Spectrophotometric determination of platinum metals. V. Determination of palladium with Pyrogallol Red 357 363
L. Čermáková, I. Fantová, and V. Suk
Atomic absorption spectroscopic determination of primary and secondary elements of copper slags 364 372
M. Matherny and E. Reitznerová
Nondestructive determination of airborne lead particulates by the radionuclide x-ray fluorescence analysis 373 379
E. Havránek, A. Bumbálová, and E. Dejmková
Organic ammonium salts. VII. Preparation and infrared spectra of some ammonium derivatives of 11-aminoundecanoic acid 380 388
F. Devínsky, I. Lacko, A. Nagy, and Ľ. Krasnec
Preparation and properties of optically active ethyl 2-isothiocyanato carboxylates 389 393
Ľ. Floch and T. Sticzay
Furan derivatives. CLIV. Synthesis of 5-nitrofuran type cyclopropanes by a reaction of diazomethane with α,β-unsaturated sulfones 394 398
A. Jurášek, D. Polakovičová, M. Dandárová, and J. Kováč
Benzothiazole compounds. XVI. Preparation and antimycobacterial activity of N',N'-bis[(2-thioxo-3-benzothiazolinyl)methyl]hydrazides 399 403
E. Holbová and Ž. Odlerová
Benzothiazole compounds. XVII. 2-Alkyl- and 2-aralkylsulfonylbenzothiazoles and their antimicrobial activity 404 412
V. Sutoris, P. Foltínová, and A. Gáplovský
2-(2-Amino-5-X-phenyl)benzotriazoles 413 421
M. Potáček, J. Mlčoch, and E. Rabušic

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