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Volume 57, Number 5 / 2003, Pages 301 – 381

Determination of the Enthalpy of Fusion of K2NbF7 and K3NbF8 301 303
L. Kosa, I. Macková, and M. Chrenková
Stabilization of Bi2O3 Polymorphs with Sm2O3 Doping 304 308
O. Turkoglu, F. Altiparmak, and I. Belenli
Thermal Dissociation and H2S Reactivity of Czech Limestones 309 316
M. Hartman, O. Trnka, K. Svoboda, and V. Veselý
Synthesis, Spectral, Thermal, and Electrical Conductivity Studies of Cobalt(II) and Copper(II) Sulfadiazine Complexes 317 321
K. Y. El-Baradie and M. Gaber
Spectral, Thermal, and Magnetic Properties of 2,3-Dimethoxybenzoates of Rare Earth Elements 322 331
W. Ferenc, A. Walków-Dziewulska, and S. M. Kuberski
Investigation of the Extraction of Tellurium Complexes with Basic Dye Reagents 332 334
V. Andruch and I. S. Balogh
An Iterative Identification and Control Design of a Chemical Reactor 335 341
Š. Kožka and J. Mikleš
Reaction of Chloronaphthoquinones with Phenylhydrazones as Azaenamines in Pyridine 342 349
M. A. Berghot and D. S. Badawy
Optical Resolution of Ethyl 2-(Benzylamino)-4-oxo-4-phenylbutanoate with Tartaric Acid A Practical Synthesis of D-Homophenylalanine 350 354
D. Berkeš, J. Lopuch, B. Proksa, and F. Považanec
One-Step Preparation and NMR Properties of 5-Amino-2-formylbenzenesulfonic Acid 355 358
P. Wong-Wah-Chung, T. Liptaj, G. Mailhot, M. Bolte, and J. F. Pilichowski
Gas Chromatographic Determination of Monoterpenes in Spruce Needles (Picea abies, P. omoricaand P. pungens) after SupercriticalFluid Extraction 359 363
J. Sedláková, L. Lojková, and V. Kubáň
Simple Synthesis of Some Diphenylsulfapyrimidine Acetates from Chalcones and their Antimicrobial Activity 364 368
A. A. F. Wasfy and A. A. Aly
Environmental Characteristics of the Atmosphere of Residential Agglomerations I. Dustiness of the Agglomerations 369 373
K. Flórián, M. Matherny, H. Nickel, N. Pliešovská, and K. Uhrinová
Environmental Characteristics of the Atmosphere of Residential Agglomerations II. Main, Minor, and Trace Elements in the Gravitation Dust Sediments 374 381
K. Flórián, M. Matherny, H. Nickel, N. Pliešovská, and K. Uhrinová

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