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Volume 57, Number 1 / 2003, Pages 3 – 62

Membrane-Based Extraction Joined with Membrane-Based Stripping in a Circulating Arrangement II. Extraction of Organic Acids 3 10
M. Vajda, E. Sabolová, Š. Schlosser, and E. Mikulová
Concentration of Baker's Yeast Suspension by Means of Membrane Enhanced Drying { Rheological Approach 11 15
M. Bryjak and W. Meissner
Analysis and Characterization of Membrane Fouling of Ultrafiltration Separation for Oil-in-Water Emulsion 16 20
X. Hu, E. Bekassy-Molnar, and Gy. Vatai
Kinetics of the Overall Higher Alcohol Synthesis Reacting System 21 26
L. Nowicki and T. Olewski
Adsorption of Ethanol on Activated Carbon 27 34
E. Besedová and D. Bobok
Respiratory Activity of Aspergillus niger W78B during Gluconic and Citric Acid Biosynthesis 35 38
W. Podgorski, R. Gruszka, and W. Lesniak
Di usion of Ethanol Vapours in Activated Carbon Particles 39 44
D. Bobok and E. Besedová
Characterization of a Synthetic Zeolite P as a Heavy Metal Bonding Agent 45 49
T. Erwe, V. Mavrov, and H. Chmiel
Recovery of NaCl from Saline Mine Water in an Electrodialysis|Evaporation System 50 52
M. Turek
Procedures for the Selection of Real Components to Characterize Petroleum Mixtures 53 62
A. Ba, E. Eckert, and T. Vanìk

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