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Volume 56, Number 1 / 2002, Pages 3 – 70

Application of Membrane Pervaporation Process to the Enhanced Separation of Fusel Oils 3 6
W. Kujawski, W. Capa La, M. Palczewska-Tulinska, W. Ratajczak, D. Linkiewicz, and B. Michalak
Enhancement of Tubular Cross-Flow Microfiltration of Dispersions by Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow 7 13
P. Pospíšil, P. Mikulášek, P. Doleček, and J. Cakl
Direct Contact Membrane Distillation with Crystallization Applied to NaCl Solutions 14 19
M. Gryta
Oscillatory Phenomena in Systems with Bulk Liquid Membranes 20 23
M. Szpakowska, I. Czaplicka, J. Szwacki, and O. B. Nagy
Stereoselective Transport of Amino Acids and Peptides through Liquid Membranes 24 31
P. Dzygiel and P. Wieczorek
Physical and Chemical Changes during Microwave Drying of Rice 32 35
J. Kaasová, P. Kadlec, Z. Bubník, B. Hubáčková, and J. Příhoda
Biodegradation of Fluorene at Low Temperature by a Psychrotrophic Sphingomonas sp. L-138 36 40
I. Sokolovská, P. Wattiau, P. Gerin, and S. N. Agathos
Influence of Ozonation on Biodegradability of Refractory Organics in a Landfill Leachate 41 44
J. Derco, A. Gulyásová, and M. Horňák
Electrodiffusion Diagnostics of the Near-Wall Flows 45 51
J. Tihon
Stereoselective Reduction of 2-Phenylpropionaldehyde by Alcohol Dehydrogenase with Cofactor Regeneration 52 56
I. Kelemen-Horváth, N. Nemestóthy, K. Bélafi-Bakó, and L. Gubicza
The Impact of Different Aeration Conditions on Whey Bioutilization 57 61
L. Krzystek, T. Jamroz, B. Sencio, P. G Luszcz, and S. Ledakowicz
Percolation Models of Adsorption-Desorption Kinetics with Hysteresis 62 69
M. Šoóš and P. Rajniak

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