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Volume 26, Number 3 / 1972, Pages 193 – 288

The Formation and Decay of Free Radicals Trapped in Photopolymerized Methyl Methacrylate 193 199
A. T. Bullock, G. G. Cameron, and B. D. Nicol
 The Oxidative Thermal Degradation of Poly (Methyl Acrylate) 200 207
G. G. Cameron and F. Davie
Relationships between Thermal, Photothermal and Photolytic Degradation Processes in Methacrylate/Acrylate Copolymers 208 216
N. Grassie, A. Scotney, R. Jenkins, and T. I. Davis
The Investigation of Thermostability of Poly(Sulfophenylene Quinones) 217 223
S. M. Mezhikovskii, A. A. Matnishyan, and B. I. Liogon
Thermal Analysis of Polypropylene Grafted with Polyacrylic Acid 224 229
M. Pegoraro, A. Penati, G. Gianotti, and A. Capizzi
Reactions of Hydrogen Atoms with Polymers at Low Temperatures 230 236
A. M. Dubinskaya
Radical Reactivity of Olefin Copolymers with Vinyl Monomers 237 241
F. Severini, M. Pegoraro, A. Pagliari, and C. Tavazzani
Investigations on the Chain Length Dependence of Radical Reactivity 242 249
A. Behazadi, U. Borgwardt, and W. Schnabel
A Mechanism for the Enhanced Crosslinking of Polyethylene by the Incorporation of Acrylic Acid 250 257
D. Campbell and A. Charlesby
On Oxidative Thermal Destruction of Three-dimensional Polyester Methacrylate 258 262
R. M. Aseeva, T. V. Zelenetskaya, and A. A. Berlin
Liquid—Liquid Equilibria in Quasi-ternary Systems 263 287
R. Koningsveld

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