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Volume 26, Number 6 / 1972, Pages 482 – 569

Anion Exchange in Mixed Solvent Systems. I. Study of the Equilibrium Distribution 482 493
V. Koprda, M. Fojtík, and M. Szlaurová
The Crystal Structure of Cu(H2P03)2 494 501
M. Handlovič
Spectrochemical Investigation of the Stability of Calcium Monohalogenides 502 506
M. Herkeľová
Nitrophenoxazines as Neutralization Indicators in Acetone and Pyridine Determination of Derivatives of Malonic Acid 507 515
Z. Stránský and J. Grúz
Application of Titanometry to Titrations in Alkaline Medium. I. Determination of Bichromate and Cyanoferrate(III) Ions 516 519
E. Ružička
Gas Chromatographie Analysis of the Products of Hydroisomerization of C8-Aromates on a Capillary Column Coated with Squalane 520 526
M. Bajus, J. Herain, J. Novanský, and D. Vallo
Isothiocyanates. XXX. Synthesis, Ultraviolet and Infrared Spectra of 3-Substituted  Rhodanines 527 532
V. Knoppová, K. Antoš, Ľ. Drobnica, and P. Kristian
Isothiocyanates. XXXI. Synthesis, Ultraviolet and Infrared Spectra of 3-Substituted 2-Thiohydantoins and N-Substituted Ethyl Thiocarbamoylmercaptoacetates 533 537
V. Knoppová and Ľ. Drobnica
Isothiocyanates. XXXII. Microsynthesis of 3-Substituted Rhodanines 538 542
Ľ. Drobnica, V. Knoppová, and E. Komanová
Isothiocyanates and Their Synthetic Producers. XI. Study of Infrared and Ultraviolet Spectra of 3-Substituted 2-Thioxo-4-oxo-3,4-dihydro-2H-1,3-benzoxazines and N-Substituted О - (2 -Methoxy carbonylphenyl) monothiourethanes 543 550
M. Novotná, P. Kristian, and J. Bernát
Furan Derivatives. XXX. Preparation of Substituted 5-Phenyl-2-furfuryl Alcohols 551 556
R. Frimm, A. Krutošíiková, and J. Kováč
Index 570 576

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