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Volume 55, Number 6 / 2001, Pages 337 – 400

28th International Conference of the Slovak Society of Chemical Engineering, 21-25 May 2001, Tatranské Matliare 337 337
M. Polakovič
Mathematical Modelling of an Enzymatic Separating Microreactor 339 344
F. Tměj, P. Hasal, Z. Limbergová, R. Chmelíková, and M. Marek
An Enzymatic Sensor for the Analysis of Glycerol in Beverages 345 349
I. Lapenaite, B. Kurtinaitiene, L. Marcinkeviciene, I. Bachmatova, V. Laurinavicius, and A. Ramanavicius
Fructosyltransferases: The Enzymes Catalyzing Production of Fructooligosaccharides 350 358
M. Antošová and M. Polakovič
Experimental Study of Single Coal Char Particle Combustion Mechanism 359 363
J. Markoš, R. Žajdlík, B. Remiarová, and Ľ. Jelemenský
Modelling of Gasification of a Single Coal Char Particle 364 368
R. Žajdlík, Ľ. Jelemenský, J. Markoš, and B. Remiarová
Novel Optimization Approaches for Targeting Heat Exchanger Networks 369 375
J. M. Jeźowski, H. K. Shethna, F. J. L. Castillo, and A. Jeźowska
Interval Analysis in Automated Design for Bounded Solutions 376 381
A. R. F. O'Grady, I. D. L. Bogle, and E. S. Fraga
Excess Molar Volumes of the Heptane–1-Chloropentane System at High Pressures and Elevated Temperatures 382 385
J. Linek and L. Morávková
Vapour-Liquid Equilibrium for the Binary System Dimethylformamide—Ethylene Glycol 386 390
E. Graczová and J. Surový
Percolation Model of Adsorption-Desorption Equilibria with Hysteresis 391 396
M. Šoóš and P. Rajniak
Gravimetric Study of the Dynamics of Adsorption, Desorption, and Polymerization of Propene on γ-Alumina 397 400
A. Galíková and A. Galík

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