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Volume 23, Number 7 / 1969, Pages 481 – 560

Particle Size Determination of Poly disperse Latex by Light Scattering 481 487
J.Vavra, D. Stojková, and V. Chrástová
Copper(II) complexes with organic ligands. XI. Formato copper(II) complexes of the Cu(HCOO)2(NL)2.2H2O type [NL=pyridine, β-picoline, 3,4-lutidine, isoquinoline] 488 494
J. Kohout, J. Gažo, J. Krätsmár-Šmogrovič, and J. Sokolík
Polarographic Reduction of 2-Hydroxybenzophenone Derivatives 495 500
N. Schubertová and P. Hrdlovič
The Study of Reduction Mechanism of N,N' Disubstituted Amidines by Means of Kalousek Commutator 501 506
J. Ševčík and J. Vacek
Isomorphous Substitution of Aluminium for Silicon in Tobermoritic Structure. II. The Mixtures Prepared from Different Starting Materials and from Gels Containing Aluminium Ion 507 514
J. Petrovič
The System MgO—Si02—H20 at Temperatures of 150—350°C under Hydrothermal Conditions 515 520
J. Petrovič
The Substoichiometric Determination of Gold in Iron by Activation Analysis 521 526
F. Kukula
Isothiocyanic acid esters. XXVI. Synthesis of 4-substituted 4'-isothiocyanatodiphenylmethanes 527 532
K. Antoš and Ľ. Floch
On Ferrocene Derivatives. XXI. Elucidation of the Structures of Various Acetylated Derivatives of Ferrocene by Infrared Spectroscopy 533 539
A. Perjéssy and Š. Toma
Friedel—Crafts Acetylation of Ferrocene Analogues of Benzophenone, Diphenylmethane and Stilbene 540 552
Š. Toma and E. Kalužayová

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