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Volume 54, Number 6a / 2000, Pages 339 – 411

Thermal Stability of Fructosyltransferase from Aureobasidium pullulans 339 344
A. Madlová, M. Antošová, M. Polakovič, and V. Báleš
Kinetics of Casein Micelle Destabilization 345 350
M. Šefčíková, J. Šefčík, J. Šefčík, and V. Báleš
Enhancementof the Thermostability of Candida cylindracea Lipase by Medium Engineering 351 354
L. Gubicza, K. Székely, O. Ulbert, and K. Bélafi-Bakó
On-Line Monitoring of Mould's Activity in Submerged Citric Acid Production 355 360
W. Podgorski and W. Lesniak
CFD and Bubble Column Reactors: Simulation and Experiment 361 369
G. M. Cartland Glover, S. C. Generalis, and N. H. Thomas
A Capillary Module for Membrane Distillation Process 370 374
M. Gryta, M. Tomaszewska, and A. W. Morawski
Membrane Filtration in the Sugar Industry 375 382
A. Hinková, Z. Bubník, P. Kadlec, V. Pour, and H. Štarhová
Preparation of Water-in-Oil Emulsions Using Microporous Polypropylene Hollow Fibres: Conditions for Producing Small Uniform Droplets 383 388
G. T. Vladisavljević, S. Brösel, and H. Schubert
Applications of Polyurethane-Based Membranes in Pervaporation Separations 389 392
A. Wolińska-Grabczyk, J. Muszyński, and A. Jankowski
Extraction of Cr(VI), Mo(VI), and W(VI) from Sulfate Solutions by Primary Amine 393 397
D. Schrötterová and P. Nekovář
A Methodology for the Robust Evaluation of Pharmaceutical Processes under Uncertainty 398 405
D. B. Johnson and I. D. L. Bogle
Kraft Pulp Bleaching with Hydrogen Peroxide and Peracetic Acid 406 411
F. Potůček and M. Milichovský
27th Conference of the Slovak Society of Chemical Engineering, May 22-26, 2000, Tatranské Matliare 407 407
M. Polakovič

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