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Volume 21, Number 3 / 1967, Pages 145 – 240

Determination of phosphates by reduction of molybdophosphoric acid with hydrazine in the presence of Fe(III) salts 145 156
J. Malý and H. Fadrus
Determination of the composition of solid phases in the quaternary system ''solvent and two reciprocal salt pairs.'' 157 163
S. Scholle
Hydroformylation of olefins in the presence of acids 164 169
V. Macho and L. Komora
Isomerization of allyl alcohol under hydroformylation conditions 170 176
V. Macho, M. Polievka, and L. Komora
Determination of the vapor-liquid equilibrium in the water-trioxane system 177 181
Š. Ďuraš
Laboratory radiation source for radiochemical research 182 190
P. Drienovsky, R. Kopunec, F. Macášek, V. Mikulaj, and D. Culka
Semiautomatic chromatographic column 191 192
J. Konečný
Polymerization in the solid phase 193 217
J. Berger

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