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Volume 19, Number 4 / 1965, Pages 249 – 336

Investigation of complex compounds in solution using paper electrophoresis. IV. Complexes of 1,3-diamino-2-propanol-N,N,N',N'-tetraacetic acid 249 258
V. Jokl and J. Majer
Determination of small amounts of HCl and of polyuronic acids and acidic polysaccharides, containing carboxyl groups 259 271
R. Kohn, V. Tibenský, and I. Furda
Microdetermination of fluorides in urine by mineralization 272 280
S. Stankoviansky and P. Biely
Investigation of complex compounds in solution using paper electrophoresis. V. Complexes of stereoisomeric 2,3-diaminobutane-N,N,N',N'-tetraacetic acid 281 286
V. Jokl and J. Majer
Colorimetric determination of fluorides in air 287 293
A. Moncmanová and M. Malinovský
Effect of temperature on the on exchange separation of chromium and manganese 294 298
V. Koprda and M. Fojtík
Rapid method for the determination of benzene and cumene 299 301
K. Bencze
Laboratory apparatus for the absorption of hydrofluoric acid 302 309
M. Uhrová and M. Malinovský
Dosing device for the gas chromatograph Chrom I 310 315
A. Príbela

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