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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Volume 18, Number 10 / 1964, Pages 721 – 800

Alkaloids from Buxus sempervirens. I. Isolation and characteristics 721 731
J. Tomko, Z. Votický, V. Paulík, A. Vassová, and O. Bauerová
The hydroformylation of propylene by using the high boiling products as solvents 732 738
V. Macho and E. J. Mistrik
Complex organic oxo-compounds. XVIII. Macroscopically crystallizable heavy-metal tartrates 739 744
V. Frei, J. Loub, V. Čáslavská, and K. Mach
Spectrochemical determination of chromium in silicates with discharge electrodes 745 749
E. Plško and M. Herkelová
Effect of sulfate and phosphate on the colorimetric determination of fluoride by methylthymol blue 756 762
Z. Uhlíř
Critical comparison of two photometric methods for determination of phosphorus 763 770
Z. Uhlíř
The stability of chlorous acid in solutions of mineral acids 771 776
P. Kerényi
The sorption of methylene blue and methylene violet on the variously processed Fintice bentonite 777 782
S. Mocik

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