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Volume 18, Number 2 / 1964, Pages 81 – 160

Isothiocyanates. XIII. The preparation and infrared absorption spectra of m- and p-alkoxycarbonylphenyl isothiocyanates 81 89
P. Kristián, Š. Kováč, K. Antoš, and B. Tománek
Lobelia alkaloids. II. Reduction of lobelanines 90 98
D. Belluš, O. Liška, and F. Horák
The comparison of some carriers applied in gas-liquid chromatography 99 108
O. Mlejnek and N. Kliman
The modification of rubber. V. The modification of vulcanizates with vinyl monomers 109 116
J. Beniska and G. Fukas
The isolation of citrinin from Penicillium notatum 128 139
V. Betina, P. Nemec, M. Kutková, J. Balán, and Š. Kováč
Electrical conductivity of melts of the system Na3AlF6-AlF3-Al2O3-NaCl 140 143
K. Matiašovský, S. Ordzovensky, and M. Malinovský
Analysis of multicomponent systems by the method of β-radiation 144 147
J. Klas
The isolation of tyrosine sad leucine from corn gluten 148 151
D. Ivančenko, P. Zajac, and A. Oravcová

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