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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Volume 18, Number 7 / 1964, Pages 481 – 560

New complexanes. II. Polarographic determination of the complexing constants of meso- and rac-2,3-diaminobutane-N,N-N',N'-tetraacetic acid with some bivalent cations 481 492
J. Majer, V. Novák, and M. Svičeková
The solubility of gases in nonelectrolyte mixtures. II. The expression of solubility in binary aqueous solutions by means of a supplement function 493 501
L. Koudelka
Radiation stability of strongly basic resins of styrene-divinyl-benzene type 502 511
M. Pešek and V. Rádl
Pyrolysis of atactic polypropylene 512 526
P. Drienovský and Ondrej Kyseľ
Analysis of products of oxo synthesis 527 532
M. Šingliar, J. Brida, and V. Spišský
Structural-sorption properties, of bentonite from Fintice 533 541
J. Masár
Determination of lobeline in biological fluids 542 546
E. Hradský and K. Barna

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