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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
Registr. No.: MK SR 9/7

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Volume 18, Number 9 / 1964, Pages 641 – 720

Thermodynamics of deformation of synthetic fibers. Application of Oth-Tompa thermodynamic potentials in an open system. I 641 654
L. Valko
New photometric procedure for the determination of the water in acetone 655 660
J. Gažo and J. Truchlý
Determination of gold in mineral raw materials by neutron activation analysis 661 668
G. Stefanov, Ž. Živkov, N. Georgiev, C. Popov, M. Mikhailov, N. Nenov, T. Tomov, and J. Tölgyessy
A nondestructive determination of phosphorus in various kinds of animal tissues with neutron activation analysis 669 675
M. Rakovič and H. Talpová
2,5-Disubstituted furan derivatives. I. Preparation and infrared spectra of esters of 5-chloromethylpyromucic acid 676 681
A. Jurášek, Š. Kováč, and J. Kováč
2,5-Disubstituted furan derivatives. II. Preparation and infrared spectra of the esters of 5-thiocyanatomethylpyromucic acid 682 687
A. Jurášek, Š. Kováč, and J. Kováč
Determination of silicon in O-(trimethylsilyl) derivatives of saccharides 688 691
V. Bílik, I. Ježo, and Ľ. Stankovič
Determination of trichlorobenzene isomers by gas chromatography 692 697
J. Hrivňák and Z. Šťota
Determination of exchangeable ions in clay by the method of isotopic exchange 698 701
F. Macášek and A. Valent
Thermal expansion of minerals in the system CaO-Al2O3 702 704
E. Kanclíř and V. Ambrúz
Determination of indium in sphalerite and Pb-Zn ores by neutron activation analysis 705 711
T. Tomov, C. Popov, G. Stefanov, and J. Tölgyessy

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