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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Volume 17, Number 10-11 / 1963, Pages 695 – 827

Phase complexes of equilibrium phase diagrams 695 702
M. Malinovský
The determination of the particle dimensions in natural rubber by a method of light diffusion and by the viscosity 703 708
J. Vavra
Equations for the height of adsorbent in adsorption columns in continuous service. II 709 716
Š. Kachaňák and J. Valtýni
Perchlorate complexes of Cu(II) and Co(II) and nitrato complexes of Co(II) in the acetone 717 724
J. Gažo
Spectrophotometric study of bromo-nickel complexes in the acetone 725 734
T. Šramko
The ozonization of thiocyanates and cyanides 735 746
Z. Valtr
Isothiocyanates. XII. Preparation and infrared spectra of m- and p-acyloxyphenyl isothiocyanates 747 756
P. Kristián, J. Antoš, and Š. Kováč
Radical polymerization of tetravinylsilane. II. Copolymerization of tetravinylsilane with methyl acrylate 757 764
I. Šimek and L. Komora
The formation of sulfate sulfur during roasting of Chinese molybdenite concentrate 765 775
J. Beňa, M. Gregor, and J. Bizmár
X-ray determination of the molecular weight of cyanein 776 778
L. Ulický
Indication of the equivalence point in precipitation titrations by the reflection of β-radiation 779 786
J. Tölgyessy and Š. Varga
Determination of microquantities of fluoride ions by titration 787 794
V. Delmárová, L. Machů, M. Malinovský, and A. Moncmanová
Lobelia alkaloids. I. The isolation of (+)-lobeline and the autoisomerization of lobeline isomers 795 797
F. Horák
The determination of thiamine and ribofiavine in some food concentrates 798 802
L. Šorman
The determination of the intensity of the lines of Raman spectra by the method of heterochromatic photometry 803 806
M. Pisárčík
An apparatus for accelerated differential thermal analysis in a controlled atmosphere 807 815
M. Vaniš and O. Koráb
Comparison of the photometric evaluation of chromatograms in reflected and transmitted light 816 822
A. Príbela

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