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Volume 17, Number 8 / 1963, Pages 525 – 604

The influence of zinc and its salts on the oxo process 525 532
V. Macho
The utilization of beet molasses for production of penicillin V 533 541
J. Fuska, I. Kuhr, A. Benda, and L. Ivanov
Estimation of aromatic compounds separated by paper or thin-layer chromatography 542 549
J. Franc, M. Hájková, and V. Jehlička
Application of the Zimmermann reaction to paper chromatography of 17-keto steroids 550 555
Ľ. Stárka
Comparison of accuracy of some methods for estimation of alkaloids by paper electrophoresis and paper chromatography 556 563
M. Šaršúnová and J. Menkynová
Potentiometric determination of sulfuric and formic acids in nonaqueous solution 564 568
F. Onuška
Colorimetric determination of fluorides 569 574
E. Hlucháň and J. Mayer
Polarization of an electrode to extreme positive potentials in a.c. oscillographic polarography 575 580
V. P. Gladyshev
Oscillopolarographic study of 3-hydroxy-4-pyrone derivatives 581 585
V. P. Gladyshev
Oscillopolarographic study of the reduction of selenites and tellurites 586 591
V. P. Gladyshev and Z. B. Rozhdestvenskaya
The o-tolidine method of determination of chlorine dioxide in presence of chlorine 592 596
P. Kerenyi and P. Kuba

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