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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Volume 16, Number 11 / 1962, Pages 777 – 835

Study of the excitement of spectra of powdered substances by applying vibrating electrodes. I. The evaluation of the effect of the interelectrode distance 777 783
E. Plško
The parachor in electrolyte solutions. A study to apply Hammick-Andrew's equation for the determination of the parachor of inorganic salts in water solutions 784 793
M. Liška
Thermal behavior of tartaric acid and alkali tartrates 794 799
V. Frei and V. Čáslavská
Zinc tartrates 802 807
J. Loub and V. Frei
Pyrohydrolytic determination of fluorides. III. Optimum conditions of pyrohydrolysis 808 817
K. Matiašovský and C. Kubík
The determination of the crystallization of Thiokol A by x-ray method 818 828
Mikuláš Gregor, member 'korespondent' of  Slovak Academy of Sciences, sixty years old 829 831

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