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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Volume 15, Number 2 / 1961, Pages 81 – 160

Determination of the volume of hydrated particles in suspensions by the modified indicator method 81 94
R. Kohn
Cross-linking of polyethylene with benzoyl peroxide. II. The mechanism of the decomposition reaction of the peroxide 95 101
R. Rado and M. Lazár
Crystal structure of the complex copperII acetate with pyridine [Cu2(CH3COO)4.(C5H5N)2] 102 112
F. Hanic, D. Štempelová, and K. Hanicová
Polarographic detection of chloro complexes of bivalent copper in acetone 113 119
J. Gažo and J. Sűss
The synthesis of 2,5-lutidine and 2-ethyl-5-methylpyridine 120 130
I. Ježo, M. Karvaš, and K. Tihlárik
Metallic salts of β-resorcylidenthiosemicarbazides. II 131 135
S. Stankoviansky and J. Čársky
Quantitative determination of iso.ovrddot.oleic acid during hydrogenation of sunflower-seed oil by paper chromatography. II. Radiometric evaluation with I131 136 142
V. Koman and E. Komanová
Preparation of pure calcium phytate 143 147
J. Kováč
Sulfite cooking of viscose cellulose. XIII. Some analytical problems regarding spent sulfite liquor and solutions of sulfur dioxide heated under conditions of sulfite cooking 148 153
I. Slávik
Fractionation of trypsin hydrolyzate of hemoglobin on a cellulose column 154 157
P. Mäsiar
Simple laboratory ultramicroburet 158 160
A. Ziegelhoffer, M. Hubka, and G. Foglsinger

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