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Volume 15, Number 5 / 1961, Pages 321 – 400

Interferometric determination of the dependence of the refractive index of alkali chloride solutions on temperature 321 326
E. Plško and V. Holba
The course of grafting effectiveness with organic polymers by transfer reactions 327 332
M. Lazár
Isothiocyanates. VI. The synthesis of isothiocyanate derivatives of acridine and benzacridine 333 345
P. Kristián
The effect of inhibiting material in the determination of vitamin B12 346 359
E. Buntová
The activity of proteolytic enzymes of micro.ovrddot.organisms isolated from refrigerated meat. III. Chromatographic study of the effect of cold storage on peptidases 360 369
J. Arpai, M. Behúň, and Z. Lifková
Determination of pectolytic activity on a synthetic substrate 370 376
L. Šorman
Determination of free and bound amino acids in fruit juices 377 383
A. Príbela, L. Šorman, and F. Strmiska
Spectrophotometric determination of chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b in a mixture 384 388
J. Rácik and V. Mego
Study of photochlorination of benzene to increase γ-isomer in technical hexachlorocyclohexane. I. The determination of basic parameters 389 396
G. Rendko

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