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Volume 14, Number 2 / 1960, Pages 85 – 163

Adsorption equilibriums of carbon disulfide on active carbon. III. Application of Langmuir's theory and Brunauer, Emmett, and Teller's theory 85 90
Š. Kachaňák
Determination of radio-strontium in the urine 91 94
V. Zbořil, I. Šebestian, T. Trnovec, and K. Ďurček
Synthesis of some alkaloid derivatives. XVII 95 104
I. Ježo, M. Karvaš, and K. Tihlárik
Isothiocyanates. III. The preparation of m- and p-isothiocyanato derivatives of dimethylaminoazobenzene 105 118
K. Antoš
Phthalides and 1,3-indandiones. VII. 2-(Fluorophenyl)-1,3-indandiones 119 123
P. Hrnčiar
Polymerization of 2-vinylfuran 124 128
I. Šimek and M. Hanuš
Sulfite cooking for viscose type pulp. XI. Effect of time on the decomposition of cooking acid with the addition of glucose 129 136
I. Slávik
Texture and structural changes in nylon fibers. IV 137 147
V. Hurt, M. Jambrich, and M. Javorek
Activity of proteolytic enzymes in microorganisms isolated from meat kept under refrigeration. I. Extra- and intracellular dipeptidases. Kinetics at 40, 30 20° 148 158
J. Arpai

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