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Volume 57, Number 3 / 2003, Pages 141 – 224

Foreword 141 141
E. Krakovská
Proper Ways of Comparison of Two Laboratory Methods 143 146
J. Mocák, B. Balla, A. Bobrowski, and P. Blažíček
Analytical Order, its Figures of Merit and their Authentication 147 150
M. Matherny
Checking of the Equivalency of One-Standard and Multistandard Calibration Methods in Solid-Sampling Atomic Spectroscopy 151 154
K. Flórián, J. Hassler, P. Rutarová, and GY. Záray
Optimization of Selenium Determination in Vegetables, Fruits, and Dairy Products by Flow Injection Hydride Generation Atomic Absorption Spectrometry 155 157
M. Koreňovská
Efficiency of Modified Dry Decomposition for the Determination of Cr, Mo, Ni, and Ti in Plants 158 160
D. Miholová, D. Kolihová, and J. Száková
Characterization of Czech Soils by Diffusive Gradients in Thin Films Techniques 161 166
B. Dočekal, V. Smetková, and H. Dočekalová
The Element Distribution into Main Fractions of Soil Amended by As, Cd, Cu, Pb, and Zn in Different Forms 167 168
J. Száková, P. Tlstoš, D. Pavlíková, and J. Balík
Evaluation of Atomic Spectrometry Methods for Determination of Some Heavy Metals in Soils, Soil Extracts, Plants, and Biota 169 171
J. Medveď, V. Streško, J. Kubová, and E. Chmielewská
The Study of Interference Effects and their Elimination in the Determination of Chromium by Flame AAS 172 175
M. Žemberyová, J. Barteková, D. Bajčan, and R. Smolková
Utilization of Chelating Ion Exchange for Aluminium Speciation 176 178
P. Matúš, J. Kubová, and V. Strieško
Single and Sequential Extractions for Element Fractionation of Sediment Samples 179 184
V. Vojteková, E. Krakovská, D. Mackových, D. Remeteiová, and J. Tomko
Analytical Calibration of the Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectrometer Preparation of the Reference Samples for the Determination of Main and Minor Elements in Airborne Dust 185 187
K. Uhrinová, N. Pliešovská, and M. Matherny
Study of Cd, Cu, Ni, Pb, and Zn Mobile Forms in Gravitation Dust Sediment Particles 188 191
D. Remeteiová, E. Krakovská, E. Sminčáková, J. Tomko, and V. Vojteková
Interferences of Selected Transition and Noble Metals and Hydride-Forming Elements in Electrochemical Hydride Generation of H2Se 192 196
G. Junková, J. Šíma, and P. Rychlovský
Preconcentration of Hg(II) and Total Hg in Waters for Flame AAS in a Flow-through Electrochemical Cell 197 200
A. Manová, E. Beinrohr, and Ľ. Jurica
Optimization of Cadmium Determination by Vapour Generation AAS 201 203
M. Bujdoš, V. Streško, J. Medveď, and J. Kubová
Evaporation of the Chosen Elements from Auxiliary DC Arc Discharge and their Excitation in the Marinković Sources 204 207
S. Ružičková, E. Jankovská, L. Koller, and M. Matherny
Optimization of the Complexation and Extraction of Chromium(VI) with Cationic Yellow 42 Dye Reagent 208 210
V. Andruch, I. S. Balogh, M. Telepčáková, and N. Urbanová
Study of Degradation of Mineral Oils Products by FTIR Method 211 215
J. Mihalčová
FTIR Studies of Isomers and Hydrogen-Bonded Associates with the Amidine Moiety in Apolar Solvents 216 223
M. Darowska, T. Rudka, and E. D. Raczyńska

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