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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Volume 13, Number 11 / 1959, Pages 637 – 786

J. Heyrovsky, Nobel prize winner 637 638
J. Vašátko and J. Gašperík
Pentammine derivatives of platinum 646 655
I. I. Chernyaev, V. S. Orlová, L. A. Nazarová, and N. T. Kuznetsov
Study of some complex compounds of zirconium, hafnium, niobium, and tantalum 656 668
I. A. Sheka
Interhalogens 669 679
E. Schulek, E. Pungor, and K. Burger
New methods in research on complex halogen compounds 680 685
E. Pungor
Physico-chemical analysis of systems containing water-free salts 686 698
N. K. Voskresenskaya
New components in the electrolyte of aluminum furnaces 699 710
A. I. Belyaev
Surface activity at fusion of aluminum and its fusion with flux 711 722
E. A. Zhemchuzhina
The preparation of highly purified aluminum by distillation over subfluoride of aluminum in vacuum 723 730
L. A. Firsanová
Iron sulfides and their oxidation products 731 732
A. Simon and D. Reichelt
The effect of aluminum ions on the crystallization of α-FeOOH 733 737
A. Simon, M. Lang, and M. Seidel
The structure of the a form of Kurrol's sodium salt 738 740
K. H. Jost
The structure of periodic acid, H5IO6 741 743
O. Jarchow
The importance of crystal-chemical research for the chemistry of complex compounds 744 759
G. B. Bokij
Physicochemical analysis and its importance for inorganic chemistry and technology 760 771
M. Malinovský

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