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Volume 13, Number 4 / 1959, Pages 201 – 264

New data on kinetics of substituted reactions and on the interrelated effect of co.ovrddot.ordinated groups 201 223
A. A Grinberg
Vapor pressure of 1,2,3-trichloropropane and epichlorohydrin 224 227
Ľ. Urbancová
Polymerization of tetrasubstituted allylmethylsilanes. IV. Copolymerization of methyl methacrylate with triallylmethylsilane and tetraallylsilane 228 233
D. Mikulášová, J. Pavlinec, I. Šimek, and A. Hrivík
Biochemistry in the production of spicy paprica. II. Dynamics of the coloring-matter content during the wilting (aging) process 234 242
V. Zitko and J. Valentová
Apparatus for laboratory calibration of flowmeters 243 246
J. Janda
Quantitative evaluation of paper chromatograms 247 253
A. R. Neurath and F. Frič
Automatic recording photometer 254 264
D. Haľama

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