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Volume 13, Number 9 / 1959, Pages 495 – 564

Prof. Dr. Inz. Karel Sandera (1903-1959) 495 497
J. Vašátko
Physicochemical study of petroleum crude oil fractions. V. Reaction kinetics of oxidation 498 514
A. Tkáč and V. Kellö
Physicochemical study of petroleum crude oil fractions. VI. The correlation of composition, stability, and dielectric properties of hydrocarbons from domestic crude oils 515 523
A. Tkáč, V. Kellö, and V. Pallo
Adsorption isotherm of some Slovak active earths. I 524 529
M. Gregor, J. Masár, and S. Mocik
The effect of oxygen on oxo synthesis 530 535
M. Čiha, V. Macho, and J. Strešinka
Determination of hydroxyl groups in alkali-lignin by methylation with dimethyl sulfate 536 540
J. Farkaš
Hodnocení slévárenských vlastností slovenských jílů zejména bentonitu z Fintic 541 546
J . Dlezek
Purification of sorghum juice by ion exchangers I 547 555
D. Ivačenko and P. Zajac
Sulfite cooking of viscose cellulose. IX. The effect of elementary sulfur and thiosulfates on the decomposition of sulfur dioxide 556 560
I. Slávik
Suitability of bentonite from eastern Slovakia for the production of bleaching earths 561 564
I. Hrabovecký and D. Franc

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