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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Volume 12, Number 6 / 1958, Pages 325 – 389

Cathodic changes during amalgam electrolysis. II 325 329
Z. Kapišinský
The reaction of selenium trioxide with potassium chloride and bromide 330 336
J. Frkáň
The first degree of thermal decomposition of dolomite under the conditions of fluidization. I 337 344
I. Proks
Dicyclohexyl fluorophosphate and bis(tetrahydrofurfuryl) fluorophosphate 345 351
V. Tichý and Š. Truchlík
Testing of matter by derivative thermogravimetry 352 365
L. Erdey
Analytical determination of l-phenylacetylcarbinol 366 369
O. Bauerová and Š. Bauer
The sulfitation of alkali solutions of sodium sulfide 370 375
V. Kubelka
The effect of activators on the vulcanization process. II. The effect of zinc oxide on the structure of vulcanizates 376 381
J. Beniska and B. Dogadkin
New distribution method according to O'Keeffe based on Craig's apparatus 382 389
J. Mokrý, J. Tomko, Š. Bauer, and I. Kompiš

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