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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Volume 12, Number 7 / 1958, Pages 391 – 457

The reasons for rapid hardening of thiokol 391 400
A. Tkáč, V. Kellö, and L. Ulický
Texture and structural changes in Silon fibers 401 409
M. Jambrich and V. Hurt
The crystal structure of potassium metavanadate 410 418
M. Petrášová, J. Maďar, and F. Hanic
First degree of thermal decomposition of dolomite under the condition of fluidization. II 419 429
I. Proks
The synthesis of some derivatives of carbamic, thiocarbamic, and diothiocarbamic acids 430 438
J. Macko
Honey substitute from watermelons of Slovak origin. I. Chemical composition 439 444
D. Ivančenko and P. Zajac
The hydrolytic cleavage of chicken-feather protein 445 450
I. Veliký and A. Kossaczká
Peptides of cysteic acid isolated from basic and neutral fraction of partially acid hydrolyzate of horse hemoglobin 451 457
P. Mäsiar

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