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Volume 12, Number 9 / 1958, Pages 519 – 578

Derivatives of N-methylxanthine. II. 8-(p-Carboxyphenyl)theophylline and 8-(p-carboxybenzyl)theophylline 519 524
I. Kompiš, J. Mokrý, and J. Tamchyna
The separation of higher fatty acids by paper chromatography with the use of change of solvent concentration during development 525 532
V. Palo, V. Koman, and Z. Hrabě
Colorimetric determination of the end point in titration of tannins by the L.ovrddot.owenthal method 533 542
V. Zitko
Physical properties of ethylene glycol and its derivatives. III. Equilibrium of liquid and gas binary mixtures 543 557
J. Dykyj, J. Paulech, and P. Kľúčovský
The reaction of allyl alcohol with ammonia at higher temperatures 558 569
I. Ježo and K. Tihlárik

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