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Volume 11, Number 2 / 1957, Pages 65 – 140

The effect of some salts on the optical rotation of tartaric acid 65 71
E. Plško
The stability of poly(vinyl chloride). I. Infrared spectrum 72 79
Š. Varga
The viscometic study of poly(vinyl chloride) 80 83
Z. Menčík
A potentiometric study of carbonation of lime with carbon dioxide in sucrose solution 84 97
R. Kohn and J. Vašátko
The technological preparation of 'Parisian Blue' 98 106
K. Polinszky, V. Ochsenfeld, J. De Jonge, and G. Szigeti
The spectrophotometric measurements of chloro-cupric complexes in acetone. III 107 112
J. Gažo
Chemistry of ferrates. II. The preparation of potassium ferrate 113 118
J. Toušek and A. Toušková
O,O-Dialkyl-S-(N,N-dialkylthiocarbamyl) dithiophosphates 119 125
Š. Truchlík and V. Tichý
Some physical properties of tobacco-mosaic virus purified by the combination of chemical and sedimentation methods 126 139
F. Sokol

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