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Volume 11, Number 6 / 1957, Pages 319 – 382

Adsorption of vapor of trichloroethylene on active carbon 319 323
Š. Kováč and P. Králik
The mechanism of the reaction of dichlorodiethyl sulfide with sodium thiosulfate 324 329
J. Beneš and P. Weidenthaler
Control methods in the production of lactic acid. III. The determination of lime-bound acids by the eudiometric method 330 339
M. Gärtner and A. Šepitka
The determination of mercaptobenzothiazole in technical pure Captax and Altax 340 346
G. Blőckinger
The direct volumetric determination of terephthalic acid in the presence of p-toluic acid in pyridine medium 347 350
J. Valcha
Some esters of basic isopropanols 351 357
L. Dúbravková, I. Ježo, P. Šefčovič, and Z. Votický
A comparison of the preparation of polyester resins without and with the solvent 358 369
O. Mlejnek
The utilization of corn waste matter in the production of plastics 370 377
Ľ. Chaternuch and I. Šimek
A graphical calculation of electrolytic processes 378 382
V. Križan

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