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Volume 10, Number 1 / 1956, Pages 3 – 80

The effect of ultrasound on the liberation of hydrogen on a mercury electrode 7 11
D. Papoušek
The preparation of cyclic phthalides and their conversion into derivatives of 1,3-indandione. I. Naphthylphthalide and some of its derivatives 12 18
P. Hrnčiar, Ľ. Krasnec, and M. Furdík
Some acyl derivatives of hydrazobenzenes 19 22
Š. Bauer, L. Masler, P. Šefčovič, and J. Tamchyna
The calculation of thermodynamic equilibrium in the synthesis of the methylamines 23 31
M. Habada and Z. Šeha
The determination of total sodium in sulfate liquors by the flame photometer 32 38
R. Domanský
Processing of Sorghum saccharatum for edible sirup 39 51
J. Vašátko and J. Študnický
The effect of raw material on the biological quality of corn liquor 52 62
F. Valentin, P. Hanula, and J. Arpai
Splitting off ammonia during protein hydrolysis with hydrochloric acid and the determination of intensity of splitting 63 69
V. Mareček
Determination of acetylene 70 73
M. Šingliar and V. Smejkal
The polymerization of trifluorochloroethylene without pressure 74 77
M. Lazár
A new modification of optical registration of differential thermal analysis 78 80
I. Proks

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