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Volume 10, Number 5 / 1956, Pages 257 – 339

The potentiometric investigation of energetically different spots on the surface of metals 257 261
Ľ. Milička and M. Miadoková
The decomposition of benzoyl peroxide in pentachloroethane in the presence of trifluorochloroethylene 262 267
R. Rado and M. Lazár
The structure of tetrahedral ions (MO4)n- 268 281
F. Hanic
Alkali sulfite lignin. II. The composition and the functional groups 300 309
J. Polčin
The determination of total phospholipides 310 313
T. R. Niederland, R. J. Dzúrik, P. K. Kovács, and J. Machová-Karfíková
A simple photometer for determination of paper chromatograms in reflected light 314 321
J. Fellegi and Ľ. Sláma
General and analytical polarography of inorganic compounds of nitrogen 330 339
J. Mašek

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