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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
Registr. No.: MK SR 9/7

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Volume 10, Number 7 / 1956, Pages 405 – 475

Physicochemical study of beet-sugar juice. IV. The determination of electrokinetic potential of CaCO3 particles formed in carbonation of calcium saccharate solutions by carbon dioxide 405 415
J. Vašátko and R. Kohn
The condensation of molybdate ions 416 420
E. Plško and M. Liška
Some esters of N-methyl-3-hydroxypiperidines 421 425
L. Dúbravková, I. Ježo, P. Šefčovič, and Z. Votický
L-Phenylacetylcarbinol. IV 426 429
Š. Bauer, L. Masler, and Š. Országh
The determination of 2,3,5,6-tetrachloronitrobenzene in technical pure product by polarographic analysis 430 435
J. Kováč
Analytical rectification of technically pure trichlorobenzene and the isolation of pure isomers 436 449
M. Livař and Z. Šťota
Characteristics of chlorine in chlorolignin. I 450 459
J. Polčin
The characterization of cellulose by viscometric methods 460 467
I. Slávik
Automatic determination of carbon disulfide concentration in the atmosphere 468 475
M. Jambrich, A. Pikler, and G. Klokner

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