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Volume 8, Number 10 / 1954, Pages 617 – 721

The mechanism of electrode processes 617 625
J. Heyrovský
The mechanism of hydrogen liberation at mercury electrodes 626 643
J. Kůta
The theories of irreversible electrode processes and their significance for polarography 644 660
J. Koryta
The validity of the Ilkovǐc equation for polarographic diffusion currents 661 669
A. A. Vlček
The kinetics of reactions preceeding and following the electrode process 670 692
R. Brdička
The method of dimensionless parameters for the calculation of polarographic currents governed by a chemical reaction in the solution 693 701
J. Koutecký
The solution of polarographic kinetic currents of bimolecular chemical reactions by an approximate method 702 713
V. Hanuš
Polarographic study of sodium dithionate 714 721
V. Čermák

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